Sunday, January 17, 2010

Anecdote about Mussolini, Napoleon and Machiavelli

According to a story circulating in Rome, Mussolini dies, and goes to Paradise, where he greeted warmly by Napoleon.
"God will be here in a few minutes," says Napoleon. "Since you are new here, you should probably be warned that we rise when He enters".
"What! I get up? Don't forget that I am the Duce".
"I am Caesar", states a voice. "Yet I have the manners to rise".
"Not I", says Mussolini.
The argument is becoming warm when Machiavelli approaches.
"Peace, friends" he exclaims. "I will arrange everything".
"Attention!" thunder Machiavelli. "Here comes the photographer!"
Whereupon Mussolini hops to his feet, folds his arms, sticks out chin and chest.

From Thesaurus of Anecdotes


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